A Brief History Of Embroidery Systems Canada.

Our company was founded in 1989, and has evolved over time to be Canada’s premier company devoted strictly to the needs of commercial embroiderers.
Unlike many of our competitors, we do not compete with our customers. We strictly sell, service and teach commercial embroidery.

Embroidery Systems Canada is a wholly owned division of Volume 1 Canada Inc.
The Volume 1 Group of companies was founded by Bruce Fogel.
Over the years Volume 1 Canada Inc. has grown to include:

The exclusive distribution rights for Melco/Sauer Embroidery Equipment and Software in Canada.

Exclusive distribution rights for Coats Embroidery Thread (SYLKO POLYESTER &
as well as bobbins and commercial sewing thread.

Hollingsworth & Vose Backings

HoopTech Embroidery Cap frames, hoops, and clamping devices.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is the site of our Canadian Head office, distribution,
training, and service center. Our offices and showrooms are located at
#408 2880, 45 Ave SE in Calgary. Our showroom features the entire line of
MELCO EQUIPMENT. In addition, we
have branch offices in Toronto and Montreal.


Melco Embroidery Systems is the leading supplier of complete embroidery system
solutions including state-of-the-art computerized embroidery equipment; digitizing
software; efficiency and productivity tools; embroidery components and supplies;
technical support and service; and training for embroidery businesses of every size.

In 1972, entrepreneurs William ‘Bill’ Childs and Randall ‘Chipper’ Melton
assembled a highly skilled team of engineers and formed Melco Embroidery Systems
to develop advanced electronic and computer graphic applications. In 1977, the
Melco team introduced its revolutionary product, Digitrac?, the first computerized
digitizing system for the embroidery industry. This innovative technology remains
the industry standard for computerized embroidery applications. In 1980, Melco
delivered its first embroidery machine, the Star 1 with its patented ability to
sew lettering on a true arc.

In 1990, Melco was purchased by the world’s largest textile machine manufacturer,
150 year old Saurer Ltd. of Arbon, Switzerland. As the embroidery arm of the
industry leading SaurerGroup, Melco Embroidery Systems supplying embroidery equipment
and Saurer Embroidery Systems supplying Schiffli embroidery equipment are strategically
teamed to provide embroiderers with the systems solutions that produce the greatest
possible profit potential. This team concept promotes application and system
integrity to create embroidery operations having the greatest profit potential
to insure competitiveness in the dynamic global marketplace.

Today, the SaurerGroup offers a full spectrum of embroidery equipment and software
that deliver a combination of advanced functionality and ease of use unparalleled
in the industry. With the world’s most extensive product portfolio, ranging from
single head Swiss systems to modular multi-yard Schiffli systems, the SaurerGroup?s
worldwide market share position is estimated at well over 50% with the exception
of specialty Swiss embroidery niche products. Throughout its history, Melco has
built a solid reputation as a world-class leader and innovator in the design, manufacture
and support of computerized embroidery equipment and, will continue to deliver the
embroidery systems solutions required by today’s apparel embroiderers around the
world. The Saurer Group’s global vision and experience provides worldwide embroiderers
with a wealth of resources enabling them to increase their competitiveness through
a path of technical innovation and increasingly sophisticated and reliable embroidery equipment and software.

The art of embroidery is a centuries-old technique that has been used to embellish
cloth and clothing throughout the world since needle and thread first came together.
It wasn?t until 1977, however, that embroidery took a quantum leap forward with
the technical innovation of digitized embroidery equipment. The pioneering company
that brought digital design to embroidery is Melco Embroidery Systems. Melco’s
revolutionary product, Digitrac, delivered the power of computerized design to embroiderers,
enabling them to reproduce increasingly complex designs more quickly and efficiently than ever before.
In today’s intensely competitive environment, it is essential for embroidery business
owners to keep their machines and their shops running smoothly, productively and
flexibly. ‘Down time’ is extremely costly. Embroiderers require the embroidery
solutions that deliver the most flexibility and reliability available, intuitive
and easy to use software, responsive service and technical support resources,
on-going training and expertise and, most importantly, management tools which
provide the information needed to create the maximum profit on each run of the machine.

Melco Embroidery Systems, along with its distribution partners, understand the
needs of today’s embroiders, and is committed to providing the equipment, software,
support, service, training and accessories needed by embroiderers of all sizes.
Melco’s embroidery systems are specifically designed to help users maximize their
productivity and flexibility while producing the highest quality embroidery for their customers.

Melco offers a complete range of technically superior embroidery products at
price points specifically designed with the flexibility required by embroiderers.
This enables users to tailor systems to meet the more stringent requirements of
apparel manufacturers and then meet other individual needs for flat work embroidery.
Users can easily add more advanced functionality as their embroidery requirements
change and grow. Melco and Saurer have developed embroidery job modeling tools
that measure the efficiency of machine configurations to produce the maximum profit
for the embroidery operation, whether Swiss or Schiffli. With these modeling tools,
the Saurer Group has proven that the maximum profit and shortest return on investment
is produced by specific machine configurations.

Providing the strategic, worldwide vision for Melco is Dr. Jurg Henz, Chief
Executive Officer. Dr. Henz oversees and manages all aspects of corporate operations
including Research & Development, engineering, finance, sales, marketing and customer service.
Dr. Henz was appointed CEO in August 1997, and since that time has been instrumental
in re-engineering the company’s technical focus by developing a roadmap for advanced product offerings.

Prior to Melco, Dr. Henz served as executive vice president and a member of
the executive committee at Saurer Embroidery Systems. In this capacity, Dr. Henz
defined and implemented corporate business goals within the executive committee
and managed Saurer’s Research and Development department. Before assuming the position
of executive vice president, Dr. Henz served in a variety of management positions at Saurer Embroidery Systems.

Dr. Henz has contributed articles to more than thirty scientific publications worldwide and has
lectured at numerous national and international conferences. Additionally, Dr.
Henz holds nine patents for Schiffli embroidery. Dr. Henz received his PhD in natural
science and a masters degree in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

About Oerlikon:

The Oerlikon Group is one of the most innovative and research-intensive industrial groups in the world. Six of the company’s business units are active in machine and plant engineering: solar technology, thin-film coating, vacuum systems, textile machines, drive systems and precision components. In 2007, more than 19,000 employees at 170 sites in 35 countries generated sales of CHF 5.6 billion at an EBIT of CHF 496 million. .