Embroidery Accessories

We have all the supplies you need for your home or commercial embroidery business.
If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, let us know, and we’ll do our best to
find it for you!


Coats Pre-Wound Bobbins For Machine Embroidery We carry both pre-wound bobbins, and bobbin thread for those who
prefer to wind their own. Pre-wound bobbins come in ‘L’ or ‘M’ sizes, and
in either white or black.
TNC Needles For Machine Embroidery We sell all common sizes of TNC brand needles, in both sharp and ball-point tips.

Sizes: 70/10, 75/11, 80/12, 90/14. Click on the image for information about TNC Needles.

Spray Lubricant For Embroidery Machines Spray lubricant, for precise and fast oiling of your machine.
Gunold KK 100 Spray Adhesive For Embroidery KK 100- Stop fighting with backing, and stick it in place using this safe, non-toxic adhesive spray.
WAHL Stitch Remover-Ideal for “erasing” embroidery from a garment, because everyone makes mistakes!
We also provide all types of machine lubrication, such as machine oil, oiler bottles,
multi-purpose grease, and polymer grease
Embroidery Scissors A wide variety of scissors and nippers, including:

-4″ curved point scissor

-3.5″ curved point scissor

-3.5″ straight scissor

-4″ straight scissor

-5″ straight scissor

-6″ all purpose scissor

-Golden Eagle thread nipper

Embroidery Thread Nippers


We offer a large variety of backing and topping styles, including:


H1720 1.5oz/yd – Great for blouses,dresses, duffel bags, leather jackets.
(100 yard roll x 57″ wide)

H2020 2.0 oz/yd – Ideal for golf shirts, t-shirts, blankets. (100 yard roll x 57″wide)

H3020 3.0 oz/yd – The best solution for most types of hats. (100 yard roll, in either
44″ or 57″ width)

E4924BK 1.8 oz/yd – A black backing for multiple applications on dark fabrics (100 yard roll x
57″ wide)


E8830 2.0oz/yd – A medium cutaway for many applications (100 yard roll x 48″ width)

E9915 1.5 oz/yd – Light cutaway, when a softer feel is required (100 yard roll x 57″ width)

H9925 2.5 oz/yd – Heavy backing, when extra support is needed (100 yard roll x 57″ width)

H9925BK 2.5 oz/yd – Heavy backing, in black (100 yard roll x 57″ width)


Solubond – Water soluble topping, great for polar fleece and other high pile fabrics ( 100 meters x 10″)

Trick-Film – Durable, heat soluble topping, allows for embroidery on toweling,
tule, lace, and other troublesome fabrics (150 meter roll x 18″ width)

Price List: PDF Version

(prices in Canadian dollars)