EMS/Hoop-Tech Cap Hooping Solutions

-In just a few short years, the patented EMS / HOOP TECH style cap frame has
become the industry leader for quality cap sewing. There’s no tighter grip in the industry.

-The three point clamping design ensures that the front of the cap stays put, even on large designs.

EMS Hoop Tech Cap Frame, Fits Melco, Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Happy, Brother Embroidery Machines -Sewing on the popular “low profile un-constructed ” caps is the challenge
for today’s embroiders, but the design of the EMS / HOOP TECH cap frame, coupled
with the “T-Bar ” Framing Gage allows you to easily stretch the cap front and lock it into place.-The EMS / HOOP TECH Cap Frames are built tough to stand up to day to day
production use.

-The heavy gage stainless steel construction will give you years of service.

-The EMS / HOOP TECH Cap Frame Design allows for variation in cap size, shape and material thickness.

EMS Hoop Tech Cap Frame, Fits Melco, Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Happy, Brother Embroidery Machines

The Hoop-tech Cap frames are designed to fit almost every major model of machine.



-Barudan Advantage(Yellow)

-SWF (Mauve)

-Happy (Light Blue)

-Bucket Hat Frame fits newer and older standard drivers

More EMS-Hoop/Tech Cap Innovations!


A stand-alone work station designed
specifically for framing caps.The stand features:– Adjustable working height– 6.7 sq/ft of shelf space– Heavy duty powder coated steel construction– Leveling feet– And it takes up only 4 sq/ft of floor spaceKeep all of your framing needs in one place…ready to use.The Framing Gage mounting bar easily adjusts to the proper working height for
all sizes of operators. Working at the “right” height helps to ensure consistent
framing and reduces sore muscles and operator fatigue.A full 10? of adjustment is provided – from 37? to 47? in 2? increments.

270 Replacement Cap Driver (Tajima Machines)

HOOP TECH PRODUCTS is now offering a 270 size replacement driver for Tajima
TME HC multi-head embroidery machines. Replace your worn out drivers with new
ones and you will notice the difference in sewing quality and also reduce the
noise level in your shop. The self locating, spring loaded, cap frame clips
hold cap frames tight. The HOOP TECH replacement drivers bolt on to the cap rail,
just like the originals. No machine modifications required. Outfit your machine
with new HOOP TECH cap frames and the rebuild will be complete.

Hoop Tech Replacement Cap Driver for Tajima Embroidery Machines

For Pricing and Ordering Information, call 1 888-805-8631