Options and attachments for your Amaya and Amaya XT embroidery machines.

NEW! AMAYA XT Hat Back Frame

Introducing  the hat back cap frame, available only on AMAYA XT embroidery machines!

This innovative new clamp-style hooping solution fits on the XT cap driver, allows for a sewing field of 4.5 x 13cm, and makes hooping and sewing the backs of hats easier, faster, and safer than ever.

click on the thumbnail pictures below to see the Hat Back Frame in action.

Click here for instructions on setting up this custom hoop in your Amaya OS Software

AMAYA XT Hook Guard Option

If you’re an AMAYA XT owner, you may have had the experience of having a piece of a garment pulled up into the hook from between the two metal hook guards.

At last, Melco has come up with an alternative hook guard that closes that gap and allows for safer sewing of garments that fit tight around the lower arm.


(Click image to enlarge)

With the new guard in place, you should be able to avoid all mishaps with the hook pulling in a garment. However, because lint and thread and debris will gather in the bottom of this guard, we recommend you remove and clean it regularly.

This new hook guard is in stock, and is only $32 plus taxes and shipping. It’s a worthwhile add-on to your next accessory, parts, or thread order.

AMAYA Tabletop Options

Melco has just released three new table top solutions for your Amaya machine.
Click on each image to view the full version.

Tabletop Option For Amaya XT Embroidery Machines Tabletop Option For Amaya XT Embroidery Machines Tabletop Option For Amaya XT Embroidery Machines

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