Melco EP4 Embroidery Machine

The Melco EP4

The Melco EP4 is a compact, lightweight four-needle embroidery machine that is extremely user-friendly. This new machine is perfect for shops with limited space or for larger companies that need to sew test designs. The Melco EP4 is also durable and always operates smoothly. Different hoops snap in and out of the machine with ease and selecting a hoop is as easy as looking at the LCD screen and choosing the hoop you are working with.

Melco’s EP4 embroidery machine can transfer data by direct PC-link. There is also a control panel that can be used with the Melco EP4. The control panel has a color LCD screen and keys that perform the following functions: start/stop the machine, thread trimming, tracing, jog, frame forward/back, and bobbin winding. The control panel comes with a USB host port for USB memory key and an external CD ROM drive. It also has a PC card slot for ATA card or PC Design card.

The Melco EP4 embroidery machine is compatible with Melco’s DesignShop software. DesignShop is embroidery software that allows the user to edit, digitize, and sew beautiful quality designs. You can simply send a design from DesignShop to the Melco EP4 and watch it come to life.
Melco’s EP4 Machine Features

* Small, lightweight, and durable
* Compatible with Melco’s DesignShop software
* Quick hoop changes and quick hoop selection on the LCD screen
* Coded thread guides for easy threading
* 2 row x 4 spool thread stand that allows up to 8 spools to be set beforehand, making thread changes quicker
* Capability of connection to ATA card, PC-design card, USB Memory key and CD-ROM drive
* Melco EP4 includes an on-board sub-control device, which allows you to use the machine without the controller
* Melco EP4 has 3 MB of memory, which can store up to 1,500,000 stitches or up to 100 designs.

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