Customer Spotlight: LenaSseams

Kugluktuk, Nunavut

Learn about how Lena Davis of LenaSseams runs her business from Kugluktuk, Nunavut using Melco technology

Lena Davies – Founder/Owner of LenaSseams

LenaSseams is based in the northern town of Kugluktuk, which is in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Located on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, Kugluktuk is on the 67th parallel north, nearly 50 KM north of the Arctic Circle. Lena is the northern-most Melco customer in the world!

The company’s mission is to create scrunchies, printed and embroidered clothing, headwear, and drink wear that are locally hand crafted and designed with care, with unique northern living in mind. Lena has been able to grow LenaSseams through word-of-mouth advertising, showcasing her products/designs on social media, and through her online store She started local and was able to grow her customer base. Lena now has customers not only across the Territories, but all of Canada and even into the USA.

Lena started her company during the pandemic lockdowns, originally as Christmas gifts of hair scrunchies for her friends. She had some extra time for projects when she came across embroidery on social media and quickly became intrigued by the combination of technology and creativity that embroidery enables.

Lena first purchased a smaller, hobbyist embroidery machine. However, it quickly became evident that this machine was too slow and required too much supervision to support her business. She needed a commercial embroidery machine that was able to keep up with her business

Lena Davies the Founder and Owner of LenaSseams
Lena receiving her Melco EMT16X embroidery machine

“The best training and support I’ve ever received for business equipment”

Lena researched several different brands of commercial embroidery machines before purchasing the Melco EMT16X. As a small business with plans on growing, the EMT16X is tailored made for LenaSseams. The speed, efficiency, and large sewing field allow Lena to keep up the existing demand for her products. Melco’s modular design will support her growth, adding heads as volume and demand continue to increase.

Going from a hobbyist machine to a commercial embroidery machine there was a learning curve. However, the training and support that came along with the machine enabled Lena to quickly learn how to use the EMT16X to turn her creative vision into high quality sew-outs, ready to sell to her customers. DesignShop digitizing software has also quickly become Lena’s go-to program. After trying out other digitizing software in the past, she found DesignShop to be the easiest to learn and to use.

“Embroidery Systems Canada went above and beyond.” says Lena. “The support not only for the machine, but all throughout the purchasing process and just general contact has been wonderful. I would 110% recommend Melco and Embroidery Systems Canada”

Check out some of Lena’s Products

Hanky Heart Beanies
Toques with custom embroidered hearts.
Introvert Crewneck
Introvert crewneck custom stitching
YCO Embroidered Cap
Kugluktuk YCO embroidered caps

What’s next for LenaSseams?

As her business grows, Lena plans on adding a second Melco EMT16X embroidery machine. She’s also looking at getting into DTG and DTF and continuing to grow her garment embellishing business. We are very proud to have Lena as a customer and we’re excited to see her business grow in the near future.

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