*NEW Design Shop 11

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More Advanced, Intuitive, and Feature-Rich Than Ever Before!


Upgrade your user experience with 4K resolution support, scalable user interface and more options easily accessible at your fingertips.


Get plug and play productivity with a huge library of premade designs, fonts, monograms, and custom vector shapes.


Features like Design Checker, Conversion Assistant, and Enhanced Lettering ensure that you’re creating the highest quality sewouts. 


Automation: Accellerate digitizing and product creation with the automation of common tasks like Auto Primer Stitch, Auto Basting Outline, Auto Underlay, Auto Stippling and Auto Sequencing.

File Support: DesignShop v11 supports a broad spectrum of industry standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, ART8, PES, EMB* and more. Plus, our proprietary OFM format allows wireframe editing, machine settings, and color information to be saved and loaded for production.

Organization: Improvements to printed run sheets of your designs, and barcode scanner compatibility make it easier to find and set up your designs

Built-in Thread Charts: Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands.

Multiple Product Levels: Choose one of four levels, depending on your needs. Upgrade as your digitizing needs grow at any time.

-175+ Fonts and Monograms
-1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
-Auto Underlay and Density
-Design Checker
-Trim between letters, words, or only when specified
-TrueType and OpenType Font Support
-Realistic 3D rendering of embroidery
-Everything in LETTERING +
-Manual Digitizing
-Wireframe or Stitch Editing
-Multiple stitch directions within an element
-Selectable Character list for Fonts
-Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
-Alignment Tools
-Custom Shapes and Designs Library
-Batch Conversion
Everything in EDITOR +
-Open 500+ Included Vector Graphic –Designs
-Stitch Graphic Region
-Open/Insert Vector Graphics
-Save Out Vector Graphics
-Utilize Illustrator Clipboard Data
-Graphic Conversion Assistant
-User friendly interface
-Step-by-step or auto
-Curve smoothing
-Find center line
-Auto start stop
Everything in VECTOR +
-Distortion Effects
-Shadow Tool
-Combine and Subtract Elements
-Change Element Type
-Curved Stitch Directions
-Create Blends with Custom Densities
-Create Decorative and Pattern Fills
-Create and Edit Embroidery Fonts and Monograms
-Auto Primer Stitch
-Auto Basting Outline

Watch Melco’s applications team discuss just a few of the new features in DS11

System Requirements

Call 1-888-805-8631 or email info@embroiderysystemscanada.com for pricing and upgrade information