Pre-Owned Machines

Legacy, Pre-Owned, and Refurbished Embroidery Machines

We often have pre-owned embroidery machines available. All Pre-owned Melco equipment has been refurbished and tested thoroughly, and come with a 90 day parts and labour warranty. If we don’t have any refurbished equipment in stock, we can add you to a waiting list, and contact you when something becomes available.

Currently In-Stock:

Red Amaya – 3 heads available


Amaya XT – 7 heads available


Amaya XTS – 2 heads available

Melco EMT 10T, EMT 104T, and EMC 6 machines – While we do take this equipment on trade, it is at an age where refurbishing is difficult, so we typically only sell these machines for parts. If you’re looking for legacy Melco machine parts, contact us for more information.

Occasionally we may have non-Melco machines available from trade-ins. These machines are sold as-is. For more information about what equipment we have in stock, call us at 1-888-805-8631.