Why do we work with Melco?

Because Melco shares our vision of fostering a collaborative relationship with customers, from small or home-based businesses up to large companies and everything in between.

Melco Canada

When you invest in a Melco embroidery machine from Embroidery Systems Canada/Caribe, you're getting more than a piece of equipment. You're getting 50+ years of embroidery innovation and partnering with a company with a proven track record of providing excellent training, support, and advice.

A Brief History

Melco was founded in 1972 in Colorado and created the first computerized digitizing system. Shortly thereafter, Melco started manufacturing embroidery machines. From the beginning, Melco's vision has focused on leveraging technology and automation to maximize productivity while enhancing the user experience. Over 50 years later, these founding principals are what allow Melco to continue to design and manufacture truly innovative embroidery machines and software.

Over 50 Years of Innovation

Melco Patented Acti-Feed Technology

Acti-Feed Technology

Melco's patented technology eliminates manual tension knobs. The precise amount of thread is delivered, resulting in faster sewing speed.

Support & Advice

Peace of mind knowing you get training, service, and support when you invest in a Melco embroidery machine.

About Melco

Melco International LLC is based in Westminster Colorado (just outside of Denver). Melco sells its machines and software direct in the United States and uses a network of distributors for sales outside of the USA. Melco is a subsidiary company of the Bernina Textile Group which owns and operates 15 companies and operates in 80 countries worldwide

Melco 50 Years of Innovation