Embroidery Accessories and Supplies

At Embroidery Systems, we carry a wide range of consumable embroidery supplies in our Calgary warehouse, as well as hooping solutions and other accessories. If your embroidery shop needs it, we have it, or we can get it!

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Shop a huge selection of thread, backing/stabilizer, bobbins and more. Everything needed to run your embroidery business.

All sizes of magnetic Mighty Hoops, HoopMaster fixtures and kits, scissors, and various clamping systems. In stock and ready to deliver to you.

We carry a huge inventory of parts for both new machines like the EMT16 series and Amaya series, as well as for legacy Melco machines.

Curious about what needle or backing to use for a job? Want to see how a particular hoop/accessory is used? Visit our resources page!

ESC Brand
Embroidery Scissors

We are now selling an all-new line of surgical stainless steel embroidery scissors. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all preferences and applications.