This cap frame is lighter, has backing holding clips, is easier to frame and with the new bill retaining strap you can sew closer to the bill than ever before. When combined with the new GEN 2 Frame T-Bar Gauge, hooping a hat has never been faster or easier. The GEN 2 FRAME will fit MELCO – BROTHER – TAJIMA – TOYOTA – PRODIGI – GENERATIONS – INBRO – MEISTERGRAM & ZSK machines

We provide the HoopTech Gen 2 Cap Frame/Dream Cap Frame for sale in Canada, the USA, and Worldwide. To order, visit our online store or call 1-888-805-8631


Creating a Custom Hoop for the Dream Frame for Melco Software, If It's Not Already in Your Hoop List:

Click on the image below for the settings to use when creating a custom hoop in Amaya/Melco OS. If you have a graphite driver instead of a red cap driver, change the Y hoop offset to -0.5cm. Y hoop offset may vary slightly from machine to machine, so please use the trace function to confirm that your design fits properly within the sewing area.