HoopTech’s new Hat Back Clamp is a great alternative to using a traditional hoop to sew on the back of hats, and is compatible with most Melco, Tajima, Brother, and Toyota embroidery machines. Snap the clamp into your cap driver just like a cap frame, then simply lift the handle to open the clamp, slide the hat back inside, close and sew.

Quick and Easy
Back of Hat Embroidery

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Setup Instructions for Amaya/EMT-16 Users

To set up a custom hoop for your Hat Back clamp, follow these instructions:

1: In Amaya OS, click on TOOLS –> HOOP SETUP

2: Click on ADD HOOP

3: Give the hoop a name (ex: “Hat Back”) and press enter


5: From the drop-down menu at the top, choose CUSTOM

6: In the box marked “Number of Custom Points” enter the number 8

7: Enter the values in the boxes using the image below as a guide. (click image to enlarge)


8: Click APPLY, then OKAY

9: Change the value listed in”Default Sew Field Margin”  and “Y Hoop Offset” (See image below)


10: Click on CUSTOMIZE HOOP LIST, and make sure that the hoop you just created is checked off.

11: Click APPLY, and OKAY

Now the new hoop you created should show up in the hoop list in Amaya OS. Before using this custom hoop for production, load a small design, select the hat back custom hoop, and perform a few traces, moving the design to the limits of the hoop, to ensure that it is working properly.


NOTE: Some newer versions of Amaya OS will put a rectangular box as the dotted line “traceable area” for this hoop. If that’s the case, click on “Sew Field Shape” and repeat steps 5-7 .