Heat Presses

Kronus Heat Press is the Perfect Addition to Your Business

Kronus is our in-house line of high-quality, budget-minded heat presses. We have a wide variety of types and sizes to accommodate your needs

Kronus auto-open heat press
Auto-Open Clamshell

Available in both 15″ x 15″ and 16″ x 20″ sizes. Opens “clamshell” style, straight up and down. 

Manual Swing Away

Available in both 15×15″ and 16×20″ sizes. Opens sideways and comes with a sliding drawer. 

Manual Cap Press

Simple, easy, and effective. Perfect for all types of caps. 


4-in-1 Cap Heat Press

4 interchangeable platens for increased versatility. Add the optional label kit to do even more with your press 

Kronus Jet

Handheld, precision heat gun, designed with the embroiderer in mind. Use the Jet to clean up thread tails, shrink 3D puff foam, or finish the edge on a patch made with Instacrest.

A quick overview from our technician Chris