Intro to fusion
Example of Melco Fusion software for e-commerce

The fusion of e-commerce and embroidery

Fusion can easily be integrated with Shopify and Shopware

Streamline the process of adding new embroidery products to your online store.

Melco Fusion is a cloud-based web service hosted by Melco that generates product previews and embroidery-ready files using data submitted by users on your e-commerce website.

Save time & Money:

Let Fusion do the heavy lifting of design layout and digitizing.

Eliminate Order Errors:

With Fusion’s powerful dynamic product preview.

Features & Benefits of Using Fusion

Visualize Designs

Visualize Designs


"What you see is what you get" – The customer can see how the embroidery looks in real time.

No Typos

Eliminate order errors since the customer can now see exactly what they are ordering before the production is complete.


Fusion previews your design on top of product photos which saves time creating multiple images for your products.

Preview of Melco fusion software for multiple views

Product Preview

Maximize customer satisfaction with up to
4 views per product

Unlimited Customization

Melco Fusion provided unlimited customization

Thread Color Collections

Blanks/Blank Images


Products in Your Shop

Designshop embroidery software


Access tons of fonts with DesignShop! Plus add production notes and hoop settings for products in your store.


Export a fully digitized OFM file. Scan and stitch using the barcode-enabled production file to scan directly to your Melco embroidery machine.

Example of QR barcodes for use in custom embroidery.

Uploading Designs

Fusion generates a PDF with a QR code that allows you to load the design to your Melco machine with a scanner.

Production Files

Fusion automatically creates production files on the fly when the customer is ordering or customizing a product.

Color Setup

Since Fusion, DesignShop and Melco OS use the same thread databases, the color setup of the machine is automated. Setup time is reduced and errors are minimized.

Production Details

Add details to products in Fusion such as production information for backing, topping, positioning and more. This information is included in the PDF for production.

Example of a mobile e-commerce site for embroidered goods.



From the app designed for commercial embroidery businesses

+ Recurring Revenue

+ Additional Sales

+ Increase Customer Satisfaction

+ Easily Reach New Customers

Sales Increase

Margin Increase

Ready to upgrade your online business with Melco Fusion?