Merrow MG-3U

THE Standard for emblem edging

Merrow MG-3U

The Merrow Edge is the standard bearer for emblem edging on smaller patches, badges, and insignias. Noticeable for its finish and regularity, the Merrow Emblem Edge is a distinctive mark of quality that can only be made by the Merrow MG-3U. It makes a 1/8″ to 3/16″ stitch at a standard rate of 28 SPI (though this can be decreased or increased to 20 or 40 SPI respectively), yet even while running at 5500 RPM still operates under 90 dbA.

Merrow MG-3U emblem edging for patches, badges and insignas.

How does the 3 thread system work?

A detailed closeup of Merrow 3 thread system.

Need Merrow Floss? 

We carry 36 colors of high tenacity trilobal polyester floss. It has a brilliant color with a high sheen appearance. It features superior color fastness and abrasion resistance. All Floss is Matched to Pantone® colors.