Mighty Hoops

Mighty Hoops

Using rare earth magnets, Mighty Hoops reduce hoop burn and stress on arms and wrists while providing a very tight hold on your garment. You can hoop the impossible with Mighty Hoops, even Carhartt!

The Hooping Stations allow for precise hooping, making it easy to line up garments. When Mighty Hoops and Hooping Stations are used together, it’s the optimal user experience

Mighty Hoop equipment for embroidery.
Square Mighty Hoop tool
Mighty Hoops

Ranging in size from 4.25″ square to 17×16″, Mighty Hoops use strong magnets to snap the hoop into place, making hooping even thick garments easy. Mighty Hoops are available in a variety of shapes from hoop sleeves to jacket backs, and more. 

A mighty hoop station board

A Hooping Station is a board that allows you to line up your garment very precisely, using a number & letter grid. Sizes go from infant up to XL. You can adjust the position of your sew out by moving the fixture into different positions on the Station

A collection of mighty hoop accessories.
Fixtures & Accessories

Fixtures position the Mighty Hoop on the garment and snap it into place. Certain fixtures are matched to certain sized mighty hoops and there are adjustable fixtures for larger sized hoops. There are also accessories like backing holders and other guides to make hooping easy.