Patches and crests have become more popular recently, so we’ve been looking into various solutions to help you find the one that suits your needs.

MERROW Machines


Merrow machines allow you to create a traditional edge around a crest, using a three thread system, similar to a surger.




Instacrest is an innovative product designed to make simulated patches quickly and efficiently. Sew your crest using a satin stitch outline, then simply tear the excess away.


The cutting needle is a blade that replaces the needle in your machine, and can be used to cut the fabric around the outer edge of a simulated crest. It can also be used to create applique shapes, create templates, simulate lace, and more.



However you create your patches and crests, if you’d like the ability to make them iron-on or heat press-on, try our Crest Pro Adhesive, a sheet-glue that comes on a roll, in small and large roll options. Use a heat press to attach the Crest Pro Adhesive to the back of your patch, then peel off the paper backing, and your crest is ready to heat press onto any garment. Click here for more information.