DesignShop v12

Where embroidery meets easy

DesignShop 12 introduces a completely fresh digitizing ecosystem. With advanced design capabilities, intuitive user-friendly features, and a fresh customizable workspace, every element of DS 12 works together to make digitizing easier than ever.

Customize Your Workspace

Configure your workspace the way you like it with improved UI customization and a fresh new interface.

DesignShop customize workspace
Unlimited Workspace Tabs

Easily work with multiple designs with the use of workspace tabs.

Editable Guides

Get more precise control with editable grid-ruler guidelines with snapping behavior.

Effortless Communication

MelcoOS integration ensures lightning-fast embroidery on your Melco machines.

DesignShop enhanced letter tool

Enhanced Lettering Tools


Get more control over lettering elements with enhanced arched text, typing on paths, and easy-to-use text-box editor.

Text Box

Easily edit single and multiple lines of text with a user-friendly text box editor.

Expanded Alphabets

Process expanded character sets and easily create your own alphabets from third-party designs.

Envelope Properties

Customize type with additional Envelope properties and new scaling options.

Custom Line Type

For better readability, text is automatically scaled when more letters than the specific length will support are entered.

Any Alphabet As Appliqué

Stitch any alphabet as an appliqué with this new feature.

Better Borders

Attain mastery in adding multiple borders around elements or whole designs.


Cloud-Based Licensing

This game-changing upgrade for our software allows for more flexibility and a smoother experience for every customer.

Designshop supports cloud based licensing.

Seamless Updates

Software updates are now delivered straight to your account.

Hassle-Free Activation

Users can now activate and deactivate their own licenses, with our new user-friendly process.

No More License Keys

Say goodbye to license keys. Simply enter your Melco Cloud login credentials to activate DesignShop 12.

Easily Streamline Digitizing


Accelerate digitizing and product creation with the automation of common tasks like Auto Primer Stitch, Auto Basting Outline, Auto Underlay, Auto Stippling and Auto Sequencing.

File Support

DesignShop 12 supports a broad spectrum of industry-standard file types, including DST, EXP, EXP+, EPS, ART8*, PES, EMB*, and more. Plus, our proprietary OFM format allows wireframe editing, machine settings, and color information to be saved and loaded for production. *Import or open only


Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at any time to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Built-in Thread Charts

Built-in charts for Robison Anton, Isacord, Madeira, Coloreel, Marathon, and other major industry brands.

Next Level Software Selection

Get the tools that are right for your digitizing software needs with 4 levels of features. All levels feature new Version 12 enhancements including new UI with a customizable interface, cloud-based security, updated design tools, 4K support, and much more.


-200+ Fonts and Monograms
-1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
-Auto Underlay and Density
-Design Checker
-Trim between letters or words
-TrueType and OpenType Font Support
-Preset Shapes for Envelope Text
-Expanded Character Alphabets
-Realistic 3D rendering of embroidery
-Arched text and type-on-path tools


-Everything in LETTERING +
-Manual Digitizing
-Wireframe or Stitch Editing
-Multiple stitch directions within an element
-Selectable Character list for Fonts
-Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
-Alignment Tools
-Custom Shapes and Designs Library
-Batch Conversion
-Hi-res PNG Export
-Custom Shapes Folders
-Gradient Letter Characters
-Updated Pattern Fill Generation


Everything in EDITOR +
-Vector Digitizing
-Locate Color
-Stitch Graphic Region
-Auto Remove Overlap/Fill Holes/Find Centerline
-Open/Insert/Save Vector Graphics
-Utilize Illustrator Clipboard Data
-Graphic Conversion Assistant Auto-Digitizer
-Editable Grid-Ruler Guidelines With Snapping Behavior.


Everything in VECTOR +
-Distortion Effects
-Shadow Tool
-Combine and Subtract Elements
-Change Element Type
-Curved Stitch Directions
-Create Blends with Custom Densities
-Create Decorative and Pattern Fills
-Create and Edit Embroidery Fonts and Monograms
-Auto Primer Stitch
-Auto Basting Outline
-Automatic Closest Point Connection for manual digitizing
-Cross-Stitch Type
-Stitch Any Alphabet As Applique
-Add Borders To Designs And Elements
-Corner Control