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Embroidery Accessories and Supplies

We carry a huge range of consumable embroidery supplies, as well as hooping solutions and other accessories. Shop online at or read on to learn about the various products we carry. 

Mighty Hoops & HoopMaster supplies for commercial embroidery
Mighty Hoop

Using powerful rare-earth magnets, Mighty Hoops create an even, solid, and effortless hold. Hoop virtually any garment easily and very quickly by letting the magnets do the work. 


An innovative hooping solution that allows for all-in-one, easy hooping for embroiderers of all skill levels. The HoopMaster makes hooping easy

Built to take the punishment of a commercial environment, the HoopMaster embroidery hooping system’s ease and durability will allow you to be more efficient, thereby increasing your overall productivity, quality, and most importantly, profitability. When combined with Mighty Hoops, you have the best hooping options in the industry! 

Robison-Anton Thread

With more than 450 colors, Robison-Anton provides a wide range of solutions to both general and specialty embroidery applications. Browse the entire selection on our online store or request a Super Bright Polyester thread chart with your next order

Embroidery Backing/Stabilizer

We carry a large selection of embroidery backing (also referred to as stabilizer) including cutaway, tearaway, and water soluble topping in a variety of sizes. We also carry specialty backing like peel and stick and nylon mesh.  

Embroidery backing/stabilizer gives your garment extra stability and strength during the time it’s being embroidered. This extra stability provides the needle and thread a more firm and smooth surface to ensure a high-quality sew out. 

The different types of backing like cutaway, tearaway, and others are used for different types of garments and embroidery projects. We’ve put together a guide for choosing the correct backing on our resources page. Check it out here…

All-in-1 Hooper

A hooping assistant like no other, the All-In-1 combines 5 hooping boards into one multi-use system. Hoop virtually any garment, with virtually size or type of hoop. No need to buy add-ons and attachments. One device handles it all!

The All-in-One Hooper has helped thousands target their embroidery for over 22 years! It’s designed to hoop all garment sizes and use all hoop sizes. Using color-coded stickers for quick and easy placement, the All-in-One hooper is truly innovative. 

With its patented design, the All in 1 Hooper has 5 boards embedded into 1 device. The Adult, Junior, Toddler, Infant and Sleeve Board all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed. The All-in-1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional board sizes or hoop brackets.

Click here to watch a video introduction of the All-in-1 Hooper

Fast Frames 7-n-1

The Fast Frames 7-n-1 exchange system uses a unique method that allows you to stick down the items to the frame instead of hooping, you can open up a world of embroidery that you could not previously stitch on. 

While instructions may vary based on machine type, for most commercial embroidery machines the 7-n-1 exchange system starts by attached the 7 in 1 arm to the arms of the machine, just like a regular hoop. You can then easily swap out the various sized frames that are included in the 7-n-1 set, based on the type and size of garment you are embroidering.

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Here’s what’s included in the 7-n-1.

Here is how to use the 7-n-1.


Hooptech offers a variety of accessories for the industrial embroidery industry including cap frames, clamps, machine stands, and much more.

A model HC-530 Sheffield strip cutting machine.
Sheffield Cutter

The SHEFFIELD Strip Cutting Machines (Model: HC-530) allows for fast and efficient cutting of all kinds of strip material, including elastic, webbing (Up to ¼” Thick), Ribbons, Belt Loops, Hook & Loop, Nylon Cords, Leather, Safety Belts, Rubber and Vinyl.

These machines can cut up to 13 inches/second, can be programmed to cut up to 99,999 pieces, and features an auto-stop roll-end sensor.

This is one of many products that Sheffield offers and we are the official distributor. So please contact us for more information about any Sheffield products.